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July 9, 2008
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Doctor Who - Children of Time by strawberrygina Doctor Who - Children of Time by strawberrygina
I drew this after watching the last episode of Doctor Who season four. I fought against myself for two days before allowing my enthusiasm to take over and allow myself to draw some fan art. This is a group shot with the Doctor up front. In the background (left to right, top to bottom): Captain Jack Harkness, the Doctor, Rose Tyler, Mickey Smith, Martha Jones, Sarah Jane Smith, Donna Noble, K-9.

EDIT: I finally went back and brought out the colors more on this piece and in the end it makes me much happier with it. I added more shadows and highlights to all of the characters and removed the blue filter. Brightened the hair for Donna and Sara Jane. Dirtied up the TARDIS and gave it a nice lense flare at the top. I also got a great photo from NASA for the galaxy in the BG and used a light blue gradient for the bottom of the background.

Doctor Who © BBC
Art © Gina Biggs
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jazzar23 Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow this great!

just going to mention a friend to get them to see it's majesty :iconcodel1417:
lightsiskool Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2014
Gazelle1583 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2013
Doctor Who 11th Dr Sarah Jane K9 Martha Jones Plastic Case for iPhone 4 4G 4Sif you use the above search, you will see that someone in Hong Kong is selling iPhone covers on EBay with your art on it. Did you authorize this or should somebody be flagging an art thief?
strawberrygina Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2013  Professional General Artist
Definitely did not authorize anyone to be selling my work on merchandise of any sort!
EleventhDrawer Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Here is the link if you want to see what they are selling:…
Deltaonslot Featured By Owner May 1, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I am iimpressed.
Zelda12343 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2013
I love this!
MommaDukesNY Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Dominik528 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013
I just wanted to say that this piece of fan art was basically my first-ever exposure to Doctor Who. By your style, I could tell right away that this was a live-action drama -- I don't believe I knew this was a science-fiction series then. I also thought the name of the show was a bit strange, seeing as how it didn't have a question mark, thinking that the character's name was, indeed, Dr. Who.
Now that I'm a Who fan - just in time for its 50th anniversary - it's really nice to see this again and now recognize who the characters are. ^-^ Although, I swear the colors were lighter and more transparent before - this was probably before you, as you mentioned, added more colors & highlighting to it. Overall, this is wonderful!

P.S., I'm that user who once asked you about requests, followed by you explaining that I have to give money in order to do that. If you're not familiar with my username, that might be because it was on my other account, Sunzu49.

Dominik528 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2013
Oh, wait, let me clarify: By your style, I could tell right away that this was a live-action action drama. And the dog at the bottom left corner should've been easy enough to tell me that it was also science-fiction. :XD:
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